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Keloth Square Kuttiady
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Keloth Square is the joint effort of the Keloth Group and Lichen Builders & Developers. It is the result of two combining visions with the common objective of providing a top-class shopping experience in Kuttiady. Our years of experience in handling such projects makes us the perfect partnership for this ambitious endeavour.

Nestled in the beautiful valley of Kuttiady, Keloth Square is a social and commercial hub made to provide an elevated shopping experience the moment you step through the doors. Located in the heart of Kuttiady town, Keloth Square is set up to be a fun and happening space for people of all ages and backgrounds, not only for Kuttiady but also its many neighbouring towns.

Kuttiady, just 24 kms from Vatakara, is one of the many quaint, picturesque towns that dot the North Malabar region of Kozhikode District. Once a strategic military region, it was one of the only passes into the hills of Wayanad, and lies in the shadow of the agnificent Banasura peak. Kuttiady was an important outpost for Pazhassi Raja's Rebellion, and two golden swords that supposedly belonged to the martyred king were unearthed here. Nowadays, Kuttiady is known for its hydroelectric power plant, its much coveted high yielding coconut palms, and its verdant, natural beauty.

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